2nd grade presentation on culture
about 1 month ago, Mrs.Walker
2nd grade presentation
2nd grade presentation
2nd presentation
learning culture
We hope you all can join us!
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
Christmas program flyer
We look forward to seeing all our students faces tomorrow!
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
school building
Dear Heritage Academy Families, Thank you for your patience as we work through boiler repairs. We have good news! The maintenance and repair company has been working every day, and they have fixed a number of issues that occurred after we had the new motor and steam trap installed. The added pressure produced from the new motor and a properly functioning boiler uncovered tubes and parts that needed to be repaired or replaced. We believe enough of those repairs and replacements were completed this week to move forward successfully.. We expect the boiler to be able to heat the school for the next two weeks (until Christmas Break). During Christmas break, we will be completing some additional major replacements, and that should enable the boiler to function well through the winter months. The Board is currently accepting and reviewing proposals to replace the current boiler over summer vacation. We do want to let you know that we have created a back-up plan. In the event that the current repairs are not enough to heat the building over the next two weeks, we will hold middle school classes in the Falcon Community Center. We will hold elementary classes in a local church, using the classrooms available. If we do have to use the back-up plan, we will provide a bus to and from the church building so that you are able to drop off and pick up children at our regular school. We will also provide breakfast, lunch, and the fresh fruit and vegetable program to our students. We hope that we will not have to use the back-up plan, but we have one in place to ensure the next two weeks are productive. We know that our students benefit from in-person instruction in a safe and caring environment. We do not plan to have any additional closures and will utilize the back-up plan if necessary to prevent additional virtual days. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher or one of the following team leaders if you have questions. Mrs. Burnham - Director of Operations Mrs. Radford - Elementary Education Director Mrs. Wicker - Secondary Education Director Mrs. Heil - Student Services Director Dr. Ivie - Superintendent Thank you for your support of our school. We are very excited to see all of our students on Monday and look forward to seeing all of you at the Christmas Program and silent auction on December 14th! The Heritage Academy Board of Directors and Staff Members
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
clapping hands
Dear Heritage Academy Families, We want to give you an update regarding our furnace maintenance and repair. We had planned maintenance and replaced 2 major parts over Thanksgiving break. We expected the boiler to heat the school building to its normal temperature by this morning. As of last night, the building temperature was gradually rising and close to 60 degrees. By 5 am, the temperature had decreased, and we thought it was due to the cold weather. When our furnace maintenance company investigated further, they found that the new parts solved the initial problem but uncovered a crack that needs to be welded closed. In order for the boiler to run smoothly and heat our building, we will need to have a specially trained welder complete the repair while the boiler is turned off. We have contacted the welder and expect the repair to happen later in the week. That should put us on track to reopen on Monday December 5th. We know that school closures create frustration and hardship for families, and we apologize for the unexpected closure. We always try to complete maintenance during school breaks and did not expect this to carry over into the school week. For our middle school students, teachers will be providing instruction on Google classroom. Please have your students check their emails and Google classrooms for more information. For elementary students, teachers will be sending suggested activities to help them practice reading, writing, and math skills. We will miss seeing our students in person this week. We do have food backpacks available and encourage you to contact your child's teacher if you are in need of assistance during the week. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, December 5th. Sincerely, Heritage Academy Staff
2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
Good Morning, Due to boiler maintenance that was completed over Thanksgiving break, our building was in the process of reheating. Last night's weather slowed that process down and the building is currently only at 53 degrees. We are canceling classes today and will look forward to seeing students tomorrow. We apologize for the late notice and inconvenience this causes for you. Sincerely, Heritage Academy Staff
2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
snowflake with thermometer
St. Luke’s hosted a school walking challenge and Heritage Academy won $500 for the being most engaged school. Congratulations!
3 months ago, DeAnna Heil
Our top steppers
Most engaged school winner!
Reader’s Theater is busily in the production phase of our first dramatic play. Donations of paint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
3 months ago, T.Hunt Middle School Moments
Reader’s Theater” is going to produce a dramatic play.
5th and 6th grade Science learning about mixtures in a lab. New aprons being put to great use.
3 months ago, Mrs. Hamilton
Science Lab Girls
Science Lab
The 5th and 6th grade enjoyed a presentation on the Sun, Moon and Stars at the Herrett Center Planetarium.
3 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
students at Herrett Center
students at Herrett Center
The 8th grade advisory class put together a Thankfulness Turkey.
3 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
group of students
I think they loved their walking tacos!! Sure was messy but worth the “man that was so good” and “thank you so much for the yummy lunch” ❤️🍴
3 months ago, Nicole Marona
prep time
They loved their lunchables!! So cute, I had to show what they made on their own!
3 months ago, Nicole Marona
Happy Girl ❤️
I said “are you gonna eat that?” 😳 she sure did!!
Ham, Cheese, and Pita
Visit YassPrize.org today at 4:30 pm EST to live stream the announcement of the 32 Yass Prize Semifinalists! We hope to be one of the 32 school chosen to win an additional $200,000!
4 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
the yass prize
BBQ Pork Sandwich, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw and yummy Peaches
4 months ago, Nicole Marona
We love when our juice boxes are breakfast slushy’s!! Kindergarten has become pros in the dump line!! We are so proud of them!! Look at these sweet faces ❤️ Ms. Nicole
4 months ago, Nicole Marona
Dumb Line!
Milk and Juice
School picture re-takes are tomorrow morning. This is primarily for new students and for those who were absent the first time around. If you ordered photos but wish but to have the photo retaken please contact the office to let us know. We will add them to the list and the new prints will be sent to you.
4 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
retake day
Breakfast for Lunch ❤️🍴
4 months ago, Nicole Marona
Cinnamon Tots
Exciting day for Heritage Academy!!! Heritage Board members signed papers to purchase the Believers Church building! We are beyond excited to open the Falcon Community Center - serving the families of Jerome, Idaho!
5 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
board members
1st grade P.E, we got new parachutes!
5 months ago, Jessica Flora
1st grade P.E
1st grade P.E
1st grade P.E.
1st gradeP.E