Exciting day for Heritage Academy!!! Heritage Board members signed papers to purchase the Believers Church building! We are beyond excited to open the Falcon Community Center - serving the families of Jerome, Idaho!
11 days ago, Mrs. Burnham
board members
1st grade P.E, we got new parachutes!
14 days ago, Jessica Flora
1st grade P.E
1st grade P.E
1st grade P.E.
1st gradeP.E
Help Wanted!!! You may have noticed some large wooden spools and crates in our back field! Well….Heritage Academy has developed a wonderful partnership with Solv Energy. They have not only donated an abundance of wood products, but they have also volunteered their time and talent to turn those materials into an outdoor theater stage AND a greenhouse for our students to thrive! Before Solv Energy can begin their build we need help to disassemble some crates. We are reaching out in hopes our Heritage Families can come together this Wednesday Sept. 7th from 6-8pm to help take apart the crates and stack the wood. Helpful items to bring if you have them- electric screwdrivers and work gloves. We will provide the refreshments!
21 days ago, Mrs. Burnham
piece of wood with screws
Solv Energy workers
Ms Hunt and the Solv Energy crew
No school on Monday, September 5th. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!
25 days ago, Mrs. Burnham
Labor Day poster
Look at these beautiful rolls today 🙌🏼 The burger bar yesterday!
27 days ago, Nicole Marona
Beautiful Produce
Rolls getting ready for baking!
Burger Bar
It was so wonderful seeing all our students! What an amazing week! It’s been very busy getting our new point of service set up! Thank you all for your patience! We love Pizza Day!
30 days ago, Nicole Marona
Pizza Day
Breakfast Bar
The elementary boys restroom got an upgrade. Next will middle school.
30 days ago, Mrs. Burnham
after picture
before picture
Great things are happening at Heritage Academy! We partnered with South Central Health Department who donated supplies assistance to paint four square and hopscotch on the playground. Silver Rock Construction is installing a sidewalk and staircase to make a more accessible parent pickup/drop off area. The Musical Theater is making headway on their performance preparations. We are thrilled with all we’ve accomplished in our first week back and excited for what’s to come! Click the link to our gallery for more photos! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nOfq6gepLSt0Xw7LRsnOmypiP3Rv44lx
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Burnham
four square
Staff members are enjoying an enriching training session on Zones of Regulation with demonstrations from our wonderful new behavior specialist Ms. Hunt and help from her son. A very enlightening and heartfelt presentation.
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
room of staff members
teacher and student demonstrations
room of staff members
Please join us August 18th for our Open House! Meet your teacher, see your classroom, and get your questions answered. First day of school is August 22nd with a 1:00 early release.
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
open house
Students of all schools are invited to receive a free backpack and school supplies.
2 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
free school supplies
It’s that time again…stores are stocking up on school supplies! Click here for our supply list. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pVFVrdwGWdoiFvO9oEjuUUNhv7G1_nvbDu9qb-AG8JE/edit
3 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
school supplies
Please take some time to read our 2022 Summer Newsletter. Exciting things are happening at Heritage Academy! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-uvhLMVCXzbQyoi7gWZ66lfCbDMqAA7ssxjtHca8m2Q/edit
3 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
Sun clipart
Great event coming up!
4 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
Shaving cream fun in the 2nd grade class!
4 months ago, Mrs. Burnham
2nd grade class
2nd grade class
5th grade was challenged to build catapults today for science.
4 months ago, DeAnna Heil
Catapult testing
Catapult testing
Catapult testing
Catapult testing
This next weeks menu will be manager’s choice!! There will be sandwiches, pizza, burritos, a mixture of many other choices with a picnic lunch for Field Day!! Ms Nicole and Ms Teri will miss you all over the summer ♥️
4 months ago, Nicole Marona
Ms Teri’s famous salad all the students love ♥️🍴
Enchiladas for the Win 🙌🏼
Deil Sandwich Day
Make Today Count 🤩
8th grade class trip to Wahooz. Click to view more photos. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10qs3vGJBPJJpphIyZ6wpTzCMcJJaQmua
4 months ago, DeAnna Heil
Had a blast!
The bully-free cluster hosted kindness activities all week. They culminated today in some pretty awesome stations.
4 months ago, DeAnna Heil
The human knot
kindness notes
playing games
cup stacking
3rd Grade Bridge Building Project
4 months ago, Hailee Burnham
Bridge Building Project
Bridge Building Project
Bridge Building Project
Bridge Building Project